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Torre Cuarzo FUNO

Last certified on:
Certification level: Gold

Project info

Size57,090 sq m

Torre Cuarzo is an existing corporate building with 57,089.96 m2, 40 office levels, 6 parking levels above ground and 4 levels of underground parking. It is located at 26 Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City. On January 24th, 2022, the building was awarded with LEED Gold® certificiation under the LEED v4.1 O+M system: Existing Buildings. To obtain the certification, Torre Cuarzo had a verified and consistently sustainable performance during a performance period of 365 consecutive days, achieving 75 LEED points and demonstrating that the building is efficient, sustainable and its interiors provides a healthy and comfortable workspace for the benefit of occupants. Torre Cuarzo main achievements are:

Low energy consumption: the building consumes less energy than 85% of office buildings with similar climatic conditions, occupancy and floor space. To achieve this, Torre Cuarzo integrates strategies that reduce heat gains and the need for cooling, such as reflective glass, natural lighting, low-consumption LED technology, an automated system for starting and stopping air conditioning equipment, and preventive maintenance to ensure all systems operate optimally.

Water efficiency: Torre Cuarzo consumes less potable water than 93% of buildings with similar size and occupancy due to the selection of efficient flow and flush fixtures. In addition, it has the necessary measures to monitor water consumption.

Waste management: the building produces less waste than 91% of similar occupancy buildings. This is because its occupants recycle 34% of the waste generated.

Indoor environmental quality: based on the results of the applied comfort survey, 97% of occupants are satisfied with the performance of the building: cleanliness, lighting, outside views and natural lighting. In addition, the building has a policy that prohibits smoking and a green cleaning policy is in place which reduces contaminants of traditional cleaning.

Indoor air renewal: Torre Cuarzo has a ventilation system that renews the air in 83% of its spaces, ventilation rates exceed the minimum value of 0.3 liters per second for square meter plus 2.5 liters per second per building occupant.

Location and transportation: 32% of its occupants use public transport and 5% of motorists carpool, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Its proximity to a wide variety of commercial services promotes walking.