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Sustainability Guidelines for Gulf Coast Reconstruction: Creating a Disaster-Resilient and Sustainable American Gulf Coast

The recent and tragic destruction of major areas of the Gulf Coast from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita now presents this region with a unique and historic opportunity. That opportunity is to rebuild these communities in a way that brings forward their rich and unique histories, while redefining what a 21st century city, town, or rural settlement can be. This process allows these communities to address problems that existed prior to the 2005 storms—to create communities that are stronger economically, physically, and culturally for all of their citizens. The following guidelines were developed to help redirect planning and rebuilding efforts, with the intent of enhancing environmental, social, and economic outcomes. This holistic, or “triple-bottom-line,” approach promotes environmental, economic, and equitable solutions in addressing the rebuilding efforts—creating stronger, more self-sufficient, and protected communities that embody the principle of sustainability. The rebuilding effort on which our nation is about to embark holds the potential to generate a world-class, living example of what is possible when we work together intelligently and strategically.
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