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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Support Center | LEED Silver | Photo: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Support Center

LEED works for groups of multiple buildings through options designed for companies and organizations seeking certification for multiple buildings. There are two options for certifying multiple buildings: Volume or Campus.

LEED volume

For organizations planning to certify many new construction projects, the LEED volume program can simplify LEED documentation and speed up the review process for those portfolios where uniformity and standardization of the LEED requirements are built into the project delivery process. Using this option streamlines LEED certifications by focusing on similarities in building design and construction practices — no matter where the projects are located. For organizations that certify multiple buildings within a given timeframe, this option offers valuable economies of scale for new construction buildings and commercial interior spaces.

Consider LEED volume certification if you:

  • Build and own buildings or commercial interior spaces that are similar
  • Have established green building practices for building design and construction processes and strong experience with the current version of LEED
  • Willing to establish a robust internal system of checks and balances
  • Have a large number of projects to be submitted for LEED certification in the next 3-5 years
  • Feel efficiency and corporate social responsibility are important

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LEED campus

LEED campus and multiple building certification is available for multiple buildings on a single site and offers several options to help project owners determine the best, most cost-effective way to reach their goals. In some cases, it’s one single certification that applies to many buildings and in others it might be reviewing credits once to be utilized by several certifications. A campus can be any shared site; it doesn’t have to be a traditional university or corporate campus. This process can be used with any of the LEED commercial rating systems and has been used by hospitals, universities, commercial property management and even a zoo.

Consider LEED campus certification if you:

  • Have two or more buildings located on a single site, that are controlled by a single entity
  • Would benefit from projects being able to share LEED credits and strategies with one another
  • Are constructing multiple buildings that are very similar
  • Manage projects that follow the same policies and plans and share the same vendors

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