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LEED for Cities Crosswalk Tool - Local Governments

Access the prerequisites and credits in the LEED for Cities and Communities rating system.

LEED for Cities and Communities is the leading global rating system and certification program for evaluating the sustainability and quality of life in a city or community. The program takes a multi-stakeholder approach and serves as a catalyst and transformative tool toward more sustainable, equitable and resilient communities around the world.

The LEED for Cities and Communities Crosswalk is an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the prerequisites and credits in the LEED for Cities and Communities rating system, along with general information about data sources and metric types.

Local governments will use the crosswalk as their primary project management tool during the data collection process required for certification. The crosswalk can be used to: organize data sources, assign responsible parties for data collection, manage internal workflow, and track progress towards verification. It can be shared with interns as a guide for where to begin the data collection process or used by the project coordinator as a central place to track progress on the application. You can modify this spreadsheet as you see fit, so get creative with your color-coding! This spreadsheet also can be used to calculate a preliminary score and keep track of points during the data collection process.